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Vancouver Mermaids International

Mermaid in the Turquoise Sea features Lori Pappajohn off Keawakapu Beach, Maui. About one minute and 15 seconds in, you’ll see Lori swimming towards a turtle which is on the ocean floor. The music is from Jesse Cook’s CD Nomad.

Mermaids Annette Johnston and Lori Pappajohn were filmed here in Molokini Crater, Hawaii, by world-renowned photographer Benja Iglesis. They were in approximately 100 feet of water excepting when over the reef on the edge of the crater.

Famous Canadian comedian Rick Mercer swims with Mermaids International on his Rick Mercer Report. This was shot in Kitsilano Pool in Vancouver. The pool is by the ocean and is so large it holds close to 2,000 people.

Haunting, mysterious; sunlight dancing on fabric; fabric floating on dark currents; a siren in the blackness surrounded by veils of colour. Mermaid Annette Johnston is featured in this video filmed at WaterVisions Studio Pool in Vancouver, Canada with a Red Epic camera. The Gregorian chant from the CD Officium provides the background for Jan Garbarek's soaring saxophone which could be interpreted as the sounds of whales or dolphins.

Shot several miles off the coast of Maui. The music is written and performed by Lori Pappajohn who sings and plays flute. It is from her CD The Bullfighter's Daughter. The photos by Benja Iglesis feature Lori Pappajohn and Annette Johnston.

Water Spirits was shot with a Red Epic camera at WaterVisions Studio in Vancouver, Canada. Music from Savina Yannatou's Mediterranea CD


Mermaid in the Turquoise Sea for Classical Music Lovers is the same video as the one above, but features very different music which gives it a different feel. Because the music is sparser, now and then you can hear the whales which were singing while we filmed. Also, about one minute and 15 seconds in, you'll see the mermaid chasing after a turtle which is swimming along the ocean floor. The filming was off Keawakapu Beach, Maui. This video features music from Jordi Savall’s CD Lux Feminae.