We design our own tails. For fabric, we use swimsuit and dance material. Regarding our fins, the Huntress uses a Finis Competition monofin; Lulu Mermaid uses a Finis Wave monofin. We modified the designs of our monofins with the help of expert designer Albert who engineered the cutting, riveting and perfecting of the fin lines.

Special thanks to Jennifer for her sewing expertise on one of the tops.

A huge thank you to Alexander and Dmitri who introduced us to monofining several years ago. If we hadn’t seen these two Russian brothers in action finning at top speed in our local community pool (creating tidal waves -- they were going so fast), we would never have known about the power and freedom of monofins.

And thanks to our initial inspiration -- Hannah Mermaid www.hannahmeraid.com.

Above, tail fabric and fins being laid out for cutting. At top of photo is an unmodified Finis Wave monofin. Bottom right is a modified Finis Rapid monofin. It has been cut into a fin shape with extra pieces (in black) riveted on both sides.

Finis Competition monofin on far left. Same fin modified at right. Above are just a few of the many fin drawings we made over a two-month period trying to get the right look.

Find out more about Finis monofins at www.finisinc.com.

If you want to buy a ready-made tail, check out www.3-fins.com. 3-fins is located near Vancouver, British Columbia.